Another new year and another attempt by me to crack the system for posting. I cannot believe how many problems I have encountered. I have resorted to WordPress For Dummies!

Last year was busy with the Travellers Tales exhibition and then ‘Roots, Shoots and Leaves’ . The latter was held in the wonderful barn at Wesrptonbirt Arboretum. I exhibited with the cyanotype method that I have described.

At present I am having the most wonderful fun with ice dyeing. This is the first time  I have tried it and am totally addicted. I set it up at night and then come down to the amazing results.

Set Up Ice

Here I have treated cotton with soda ash, scrunched and pleated it. Next laid on a mesh over a rack on the sink. Then come the Ice cubes and lastly carefully sprinkled procion dyes (warning wear mask if any respiratory problems).  Leave overnight and wash out as usual. Dry and iron, hey presto!!!!! The examples below are not from this dye set up.

A rose garden


Rose Garden 2