After the emotional commitment to the last piece of work, I needed an easy therapeutic piece of sewing and, as I have done before, turned to a quilt pattern by Anita Hallock  from her book Scrap Quilts using fast patch.

Old Scrap Quilt – September’s Quilt
New Scrap quilt in progress

Ebb and Flow is the new SWTG subject for an exhibition in Stroud in May 2018

The sea and shore are subjects very close to my heart and in recent years I have researched, sketched, photographed and worked on pieces inspired by the theme.

This time I wanted to create a more meaningful piece and am very aware of the shocking state of our shorelines littered with jetsam. Dots of manmade bright colour peppering the beauty of nature’s stones, rocks and sand. A deeper worry is what it is doing to marine life that gets caught up in it and tries to eat it.  Last year, somewhere I saw a painting of rocks with one piece of bright red rubbish glowing out. I do not know who it was by or where it was but the image remained with me. What especially struck me was the power of its effect and how it said far more to me than mobile installations I had seen made up purely of jetsam.  To me less was more. The red also reminded me of the little girl’s red coat being the only colour in ˜Schindler’s List.

I have been constructing fabric stones as an experiment. I will need to find a good technique and have decisions to make.  I think sketch will be my next step.  My current idea is to have a tray shaped base into which I make sea, sand and stones.


Materials for stone construction
My first stone

Deconstruction I am never quite sure what people mean by this but I have taken to bits an old work base on the shoreline and salvaged small pieces. I gently washed and dried them in the hope I can recycle them in this piece.


Festival of Quilts

I managed to attend the Festival of Quilts this year, being in August we are generally away and was able to steward our SWTG gallery.

The most inspiring thing I saw was the June Wells exhibition.  I loved the quality of her quilts with colour set against neutral backgrounds, print and a feeling of inspiration. I spoke to her and found her to be a lovely person. I have now bought her book Intuitive Colour and Design and am reading it with the aim of learning some of her techniques. My friend Madelaine paid a visit and she too was taken by Jean’s work and s going to order her book.  I forgot to take photos of the new piece Madelaine is working on.


Yesterday, we were lucky enough to meet up with old friends from Suffolk.  I always admire the fine, precise needlework that Rosanna does. Her eyes and patience are astounding.

Rosanna Canvas work 1
Rosanna 2